possum (playpossum) wrote,

Fic (FMA Ed: Easiest to Heal)

Title: Easiest to Heal
Author: playpossum
Fandom: FMA
Pairing: None

In response to: numisma's "Ed's forced left-handedness request" on fic_on_demand.

It was one thing to eat with your left hand when you were a right-hander, and quite another thing to brush your teeth.

He scowled at himself in his reflection, rubbing his sore jaw gingerly. This past week, he'd managed to accustom himself to doing things with the automail, from clenching his new right hand around a doorknob to carefully picking berries off a hedge. He'd gotten used to it fairly easily, he supposed, but alone, in the mornings...

He didn't want to touch his face with his right hand. In those early hours of the day, when the sun wasn't quite out and the house was still asleep and silent, the metal felt colder than ice against his skin.

The memory of how he'd gotten himself into this...

No. No, that wasn't the point, now. The point was that, in this past week, he'd been trying to learn how to brush his teeth with his left hand.

The first time, it'd felt horribly awkward. He'd used too much strength. He'd not had enough control, and the brush had slipped and knocked against his gums. The resulting wound had ripened into an ulcer. The same thing had been happening all week.

But today would be the day he would master this. He'd been steadily getting better at it, he knew. Starting today, the painful ulcers would heal, and then go away.

The wounds of the flesh were always the easiest to heal.
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